Question Pixelated blocks on screen ?

May 9, 2021
Hey everyone,

Got a question regarding the following issue. Last march I ordered a new PC and until yesterday everything was good.

The following issue occured when I was alt+tabbing or playing a game (see picture View:
). In short there were small black blocks on one section of the screen. When zooming in on specific blocks there seemed to be letters or fonts from discord. It's perhaps relevant to know that this wasn't always occuring. And after restarting the pc it seems like the issues have vanished. I am wondering however (since I ordered the pc just a few months ago) what this could be?

I checked the temperatures of the PC and everything seems to be on the lower side of things.

I don't know if you need all my pc specs but they are the following;
Ryzen 9 5950X;
RTX 3090;
32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro;
Asus X570-Pro Motherboard

Thank you in advance!