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Question Pixelated texts and Icons until I hover over them???


Jul 8, 2017

I'm having this problem where most of my text and icons on my desktop and some other apps become pixelated and sort of distorted. Even on chrome websites or discord icons/texts. For texts, if I hover over them, they'll turn back to normal until I stop hovering over it. It's not the same for icons though. However, whenever I'm gaming or streaming media, it's perfectly fine.

I have 2 photos that show exactly what it looks like. Screenshotting my desktop captures exactly what it looks like so I know it's not a monitor problem.

In the first photo, you'll see everything how I see it, including the icons on the bottom taskbar, the text on the settings menu, and even my rainmeter icons.

In the second, I'll hover over a setting in the settings menu to show how it turns back to normal on hover. The text I'll hover over will be "Choose which folders appear on Start"