Question Pixels flickering on my screen ?

Apr 29, 2020
Hi !
First of all, excuse my english haha
I'm here because a few days agos my screen started to have a problem.

I'll precise that I'm a 3d student so I do a lot of images renders, sometimes whole nights of renders, use a lot of 3d softwares etc... And I feel like my problem appears just after I did several nights of render.

Here is my problem:
Few days ago, some "flikering" appeared on my screen (I don't know how to describe, see the first picture in the link below, it's a screenshot on youtube window). But only when I turned my computer on, and only on the first window that is appearing on the screen. Then I just had to close the window (internet or software window, doesn't matter) and open it again to get rid of it.
Don't hesitate to tell me if that's not clear...

And since yesterday, it happens even while I working, and only AROUND windows (like the second picture of the link), but now it stays, I can't make it go, even if I close and re-open the window...
So it's only outside the window; if it's a "fill screen" window I don't have the problem, but if I make it small, then it appears all around the window. (again, like the second picture)

Sorry, couldn't put the image here, so here is the link to pictures of my problem :
I'm scared that it gets worst, since it already did with time...

Hope it was clear enough, thank you very much for reading !
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