Question Planning new build


Nov 28, 2012
Haven't built a new rig in like 10 years and my old one is on its last leg so . . . .
It's mostly for gaming. I play Blizz games like Overwatch and HoTS, I also still play Skyrim modded out, and I really want to pick up Cyberpunk once I get a new computer that can run it right, I always think FPS games are better withmouse and keyboard. I'm not super rich but I want to get good fps and fully utilize the graphics for the games I run. I am currently running a single HDD but want to run a HDD/SSD hybrid for my next build. Any input on a good parts layout for a new build would be appreciated as i work long hours and dont have the time to put into reseach that I did last time I built. Thank you all, this is always a great community to ask questions.
What is your budget? It's usually best for you to spend at least 15-30 mins picking components that you think would be good and in your price range and post them - you'll get more responses that way.

Now is the absolute worst time to buy a GPU. Expect to spend 200+% over MSRP for a good one.
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