Question Planning to do streaming + gaming to at least 720p60. Should I upgrade to 1650 Super or 1050ti + RAM + i7-4790? Budget is tight.

Oct 8, 2020
As the title says, I'm thinking of streaming + gaming to atleast 720p60fps (And if possible, can I also stream at 1080p60? ) . I can only pick one of those 2 options because of my budget and it's been pushed to my max. Not really a pro with pc hardware so I'll ask your opinions on this one. Thanks!
Here's some of the core specs:
PSU: Corsair CX500M 500watts
CPU: i5-4590
Motherboard: MSI B85M Gaming
RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3
A 1650 will give you better FPS at higher quality in games.
You can do the streaming with geforce or OBS both can use the GPU, either the nvidia card or even the iGPU of your i5 can easily do 1080/60 without even affecting your FPS. The upload you get is much more important here.

There are a few games were your i5 won't perform very well but going to a lower GPU and a higher CPU won't be any difference in those games either.