Question Planning WAY ahead of time, but can I do better on case selection?

Ok, yes, I realize it's likely that we won't see AM5 (or whatever they call it) until 2022.

That said, I do want to actually go for a good case. Good thermal performance, AND quiet.

Thus far, my choice is the Antec P101 Silent, reviewed here.

My only complaint: it's big. Is there anything anyone would recommend that might be smaller, but still able to accommodate a full ATX board if need be?

As an alternative: are there cases that can only support up to MicroATX boards, but that don't give up thermal performance, quiet, and ease of access? Or are all those three considerations generally better in a larger tower than a smaller one?
True. Though, I imagine (correctly? incorrectly?) that we tend not to have huge innovations in case cooling/soundproofing the way we do with video cards...

Doesn't it tend to be more incremental? Speaking as someone who, in 25 years, has bought exactly TWO cases by choice (everything else was either prebuilts, or slapping together leftover parts from old company PCs). :ROFLMAO: