Question Plastic Still On motherboard bad?

Apr 13, 2019
Hi! So I've already built my pc and the plastic is still on the motherboard but on the left side where the plastic is commonly found and I don't know if that's bad or not? Don't feel like taking out my gpu and a fan just to remove some plastic. So what should I do? (I have had my computer with the plastic for 4 months and no problems, plastic isn't melted or anything looks fine.
If I am looking at the motherboard correctly that "r" shape is in fact the heat sink for several components - most notably the VRM. The VRM typically gets very hot and thats why some of the nicest motherboards include a modest heat sink. Plastic is like a blanket. Turn off your computer, unplug the computer, remove the fan and video card and take off the plastic.

Why risk your motherboard and possibly the rest of your components over a procedure that should take less then 20 minutes total?

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