Question Platform key update and now black screen.

Jul 20, 2022
Hey guys!
I've seen a few people with a very similar issue to what I currently have but I haven't been able to fix it.
So, I went to play valorant a message came up saying I need to enable TPM 2.0 and secure boot. TPM was already enabled and so was secure boot but for some reason it said not active, I changed the setting to custom to allow me to enable secure boot and then was promoted with a message saying "you need to update platform key in order to enable secure boot" or something along those lines so I did, I update platform key and it goes into what seems like a restart but it's now not posting and I cannot get into Bios to change anything, I've done almost everything I can think of from testing all my parts (cpu gpu ram psu) on my test system and they are all working fine, I've tried jumping cmos, I've flashed bios with F1 all the way to F4d and still nothing
(btw I have an AORUS x570s master)
USB used for flashing is FAT32 I also changed file name to "gigabyte.bin" I've flashed the mobo countless times with all hardware in and also with only the mobo and 24 pin atx and everything in between..
I'm fairly certain I've bricked the mobo but just thought I'd ask for help here!
Thank you to the god who manages to help me