Play crysis with 260gtx


Oct 27, 2009
I have my 260gtx, I play crysis all full 1024x768 at 35fps, but when I tried to play it with my new 1080p monitor... first I lowed the graphics on high and without AA, an the framerate was ok, 17-24fps, but it felt like i was playing with 8fps and 2 or 3 mins after my PC shuted down, tried aggain with the same result, why could it be? A friend plays crysis all maxed, no AA, 1200p with 260m x2 alienware laptop, and on ice maps he has 19fps and no problems.
Do you have a sufficent power supply? What is your PSU?

Also, Check your temperature could be overheating.

With a GTX260, you should be easily able to play Crysis at very high (max) settings with AA around x4 or x6, at 1280x1024. At 1080p, you should be able to play at high with not much problems.