Review Play Review: Handheld Monochrome Console Has a Crank


The original Gameboy could display 4 shades: Black, "White", and 2 shades of gray.

The playdate.. Can't do that.
I get that the extremely limited display mixed with the extremely limited controls are there to inspire developer creativity, but they've gone too far. There are many types of creative "crank based" game ideas that simply will never work on the console.
Somebody will probably still attempt to make a crankable fighting game, for example. But a fighting game will either be too simple to be fun, or too complicated to see what's happening on screen.
The same goes for many other genres.

So what you end up with is one trick gimmick device. Stuck with a handful of shallow titles, which rarely even attempt to go much deeper than a warioware micro game. That kind of thing is worth $20, not $200.