[SOLVED] Playing Arkham Knight in 2020 and still getting massive framerate drops!


Mar 11, 2019
When Arkham Knight was released on PC it had a lot of issues. I was under the impression that most of the issues had been ironed out. I'm playing it for the first time 5 years later and i'm getting massive FPS drops particularly when driving around in the Batmobile.

I have a GTX 1060 and an i5 8300H. The game struggles to maintain a constant 60 FPS. It constantly fluctuates in the 50-60 FPS range no matter how busy or idle the scene is. When driving, the performance varies wildly going as low as 40.

I've installed the latest NVIDIA drivers, made sure the settings in NVIDIA Control Panel are optimised. The temperatures are normal. I've tried reducing several graphic settings. I've disabled every NVIDIA Gameworks effect, turned off motion blur, anti aliasing and lowered shadows to low yet i see no improvement in the frame drops.

I've tried some of the popular fixes available for the game online, tried to tinker with the ini files, tried several other things like disabling V-Sync, playing in borderless window, etc. None of them seem to improve the performance at all. These are the guides i'm referring to :




I'm at my wit's end. Any advice would be appreciated.
Even with the re-release, at it's core, it's a very unoptimized game. Plus you're playing it on a laptop, so your 8300 and 1060 are considerably downclocked compared to their desktop counterparts.

Theoretically it's still enough to play the game, but the devs somewhat understated the hardware requirements. Hitching in the Batmobile is common.

Here's some tweaks, some of which were shown in your 3rd link, but he shows exactly how to do the edits. If not done right, edits won't work. He got several comments saying the tweak worked.

The thing is though, laptops are very prone to poor performance if heat is an issue, and it often is with laptops as they lack good ventilation and can easily accumulate dust. So monitor your CPU and GPU temps with something like MSI Afterburner while playing with those stats set to show onscreen in real time.