Playing Surround system on PC


Jan 4, 2006
I just recently bought my PC which is a Gateway and also a sony home theater system. I connected both the receiver and computer together with optical wire. Well the problem is that when I listen to music, it works good. But when I try to watch a DVD movie and turn it to dolby surround sound. I can only hear the sound effect not the speech/talking of the actors. Yes, I've connected all of the wires from all 6 speakers that I have. If I set it to all speakers, it works good to watch..but I want to hear the surround sound just like in the movie theater. I am using CyberLink PowerDVD to play the DVDs and I also have the full version of it. If you guys know any better program to use then please tell me. I don't see what's wrong. Maybe I should buy a better sound card? But the sale man who I bought the computer from said that this card is good enough because it support optical pluggin. If anyone could help me I would be greatful because you would lose my head ache from solving this problem for weeks!! Thanks :D


Sep 18, 2005
This doesn't make any sense actually. Are you saying the dialogue volume is low, or are you saying there is NO dialogue? I can't imagine a reason why you would have no dialogue, it's not like the 80-500hz terroritory suddenly dissapears. Harmonics of voices go well into 5KHz.

What I'm saying here is, why would you have "sound" effects but no dialogue? Turn the volume uppppp. See if you hear any dialogue. Otherwise the question you pose is almost nonsensical; I've never, ever heard of this happening. Sony would have to have implemented a "smart filter" that somehow recognizes voices and only voices and not the significant midrange material, and and the same time set it on be default just to screw you.


As you can see, if they filtered out the dialogue, they'd also filter out 90% of all sound effects content : P

Check to make sure your basic settings are correct and everything is plugged into its rightful place.


Dec 16, 2005
Hi... I had the same problem with one of the DVD movies which i had got from a friend which was copied...i was using windows media player to run the movie... i was getting all the music and effects but no dialogues...
I just tried by shifting to Nero Vision and the DVD played fine with the sounds....try changing ur dvd playback software..