PlayJam's GameStick Android Console Delayed

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Sep 20, 2012
I don't get the point of these $100 closed junkers. Are people really this poor? If you have any plans of an NV card for xmas or whatever (even a lowly 650ti boost etc), might as well grab a shield for $200/250 (after coupon) and have an OPEN system, no game repurchasing and HUGE power advantage to push nice games to your tv (or from your PC). These are so underpowered I just can't see them doing any better than ouya (also underpowered).

There will be a new shield every year as Jen hinted. While I'd wait for the next rev (kepler should be quite nice and fixes for things learned from shield 1), if I was buying anything for the kids this xmas etc it would be shield. No vita, no 3ds etc all crap underpowered now with far less features, no hdmi out on these two. As everyone moves to mobile the android games will pick up even better stuff very soon. Pretty much everything in the works now can be aimed at S600/T4 etc + as they have 100mil units in the wild with these or above now. Probably far more than that actually. S4 alone has sold 40mil, add tablets, other phones etc, probably over 100mil.

How many of these or ouya will sell compared to the 100mil top end phones/tablets already out there in the wild to aim at? Selling at 250mil PER QUARTER for just phones alone now, the next die shrink means even the junkers will be S600/S800/T4 levels in around 6-9 months. Which means at that time they will be selling 250mil that are about 2-3x more powerful than this junk. That's a heck of a lot of people to aim at. Even a $5 game that sells to 2% of that market (5mil units out of 250mil) can make a dev 17.5mil+ even after googleplay etc takes their 30% cut. Ouya and this thing are dead before they start vs. these kinds of numbers. That same 250mil audience quadruples 3 quarters later...ROFL. That same game can then bring in 70mil with only 2% buying their game...ROFL. Jeez, I need to change careers :)

Why make a game for these with what less than a few million audience? Has ouya even sold a 500K units (I'm thinking 300K or less)? So if 100% of the players buy a $5 game they get 2.5mil (and I'm aiming WAY high here)? I'd rather aim for 2% of phones/tablets etc on an open system with every game I'd make which also aims at HUGE audience growth in just one year. I'm not sure but I think this thing is 1.5ghz and already running a slow mali400 (300-400mhz) by today's standards.
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