playtv pro - trouble :(


Mar 1, 2004
i have a little problem with my tv card. when i turn it on picture freezes and my computer freezes too. it don't do that every time and not just on power on. sometimes it play for a while and then freeze. i find out that it's happend when computer write or read big files in/from disk but not always. it maybe a power problem?? i have a lot of devices and a 300W.
is there somebady with problems like that?? please help, and i'm sorry for my english, i don't practise a lot :)

if it helps i find out that if i put any other card in slot where was my tv card, my computer freezes too. maybe a bad pci slot :( i still wait for some interests. thx

1300 duron, shuttle ak23, 512 ddr, gf 2 gts, cd, cd-rw, playtv pro, lan, samsung 60GB

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