Question PLC Connection decimating download speeds


Feb 9, 2019
I recently bought a TP-Link PLC connection to connect my pc via LAN to the router, as WiFi coverage isn't that good on my room. However recently my powerline connector has been running at lower than 20% of it's speed (I'm getting about 7-8 Mbps download and 1-1.5 Mbps upload on a 48-49.5 Mbps and 4.8-4.9 Mbps uploadconnection), and it's even reporting the wrong ISP on speedtests and networking apps. It's my first time dealing with PLCs and I'm positive it doesn't have to do with either my PC (both Linux and Windows produce results within margin of error) or my electrical connection because my brother gets constant 45-47 Mbps downlads. Has anyone experienced something similar? If yes, how did you fix it?
Are you saying you plug a different PC into the same exact powerline units and you get good speeds but it is only your PC that has issues.

This would eliminate the powerline units as the problem.

The powerline units are pretty simplistic devices you can't really change or configure much. Pretty much ethernet goes in one unit goes over the wires and comes out the other. You can have all kinds of issues with the electical wires but if that is not the cause then all it leaves is your PC. It could be a bad ethernet cable since those can work on some machine and not others.

What is surprising is you have also mostly eliminated your PC as the problem if you booted a linux image.

Since you have eliminated all the possible causes you have to start from the beginning and find out what you missed.

I would find a way to plug the pc direclty into the router either with a long ethernet cable or moving the PC. If that works I would try both powerline units in the same room.