Please advise - quiet and huge case needed

Hi guys,

I need to pick a case for my Dad's new PC. His requirements are:

- no lights whatsoever
- as quiet as possible
- big (for easy cable management and LOTS of hard drives)
- decent cooling

It has to be something from this list
or this:

I'm mostly thinking about the Antec P182 or the Cosmos 1000. Can you see anything else on that list that would be better? Preferably not more expensive than the Cosmos 1000.

This computer will have a HD 4670 graphics card, no gaming cards, no SLI/Crossfire. It will have a Q9550 or Phenom II 940, with stock coolers, moderate overclocking at most.

The p182 isnt huge , but cable management is fine and theres room for plenty of hard drives

But from that list if you want big , quiet and light free and have a huge budget I'd get the silverstone TJ 09 . [ and not connect the activity LED's]
LOL, I have a TJ09 myself. Yeah, it's the best case there IMO too. But I was hoping for something a bit less expensive this time.

So, I guess it's still between P182 and Cosmos 1000... OK, I think I'll just let Dad study them both and pick whatever he likes most. Thanks guys!