Question Please Advise the PC RAM upgrade recommended


Jan 2, 2023

Hey Experts,
Please find the image of my desktop hardware analysis from Hwinfo64
I want to upgrade my RAM, I see it is DDR4, please may I know best matching RAM for my desktop. I want to have a minimum of 16gb and do not mind taking off the current 8gb RAM. I would be happy to know some good links, brands and anything that can help me. I live in Australia
I truly appreciate your help and expertise.

Deleted member 2947362

You can try look on crucial website and it will scan your computer for you and select the ram that will be compatible for your system they have performance ram or standard Jedec rated 1.2v

Give it a look it will at least be a good reference point to start with then compare other brands once you find something that is compatible with your system and you like then look for reviews on what you find.