Please check my build. Pulling the trigger tommorow.


Jul 19, 2011
Is the following good to go? I'm buying them tomorrow at a local store here in Nagoya, Japan.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Mem: Corsair Vengeane 2x2GB 1.5V CAS9 1600Mhz ram
GPU: MSI Radeon 6850 (I might throw some more yen for 6870)
PSU: Corsair TX750 V2
MB: ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0 (choices please) [...] 21/sbr493/
Case: Antec 300
case fans: Geilid Silent12 PWM
HDD: Seagate 1TB
DVD: Lite-On 24x DVD+/-RW


Sep 30, 2009
1) Aim for AM3+ motherboard. I don't know how to search it for you but you should really get AM3+ to upgrade in the future yet be able to use current AM3 CPUs.
2) You may be able to find cheaper memory from G.Skill or Mushkins. Kingstons perform fine for me as well.
3) You won't need 750W unless you plan to SLI/Crossfire. Around 400-500W will do you fine. 650W would run sli 560ti just fine. Save the money by aiming for 500-650W, that's enough to power your future upgrades.
4) See if the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200rpm is available. That's the HDD to go for :) Great performance, great price!