Please comment on this planned build


Oct 17, 2014
Thanks. I actually have a usb dvd burner and I think the case comes with like 3 case fans too. Do I need to get another cpu cooler if I overclock even a little?
Very nice parts, that will make a nice system.

As has been mentioned, that PSU is just an average one. It has some cheaper capacitors in it in order to meet a price. These cheaper parts can cause a system to become unstable at higher loads, especially when overclocking. I'm assuming you are getting 750W in case you want to SLI in the future, as it is overkill for a single 970

EVGA B2 750W - $54.99
This one is cheaper than the one you selected, it's only bronze, but it is of much higher quality. Made by Super Flower, one of the best OEM makers in the industry.

If you want to stick with a gold, full modular PSU, this one is also an amazing unit.
XFX XTR 750W - $99.99
Made by Seasonic, another of the best in the business.

I'd also recommend installing an aftermarket cooler right from the start. Not only because they are quieter, but it can also be a pain in the arse to install it in the future, after the system is put together. That case probably has a big enough cut in the back to allow you to add the cpu cooler later without having to remove the motherboard again, but still, may as well do it while building it for the first time I'd say.