Please Critique my new potential build...


Dec 29, 2008
For future reference, for people to view your wishlist it needs to be a public wishlist, not just saved. Heres the new link.

Anyways, everything looks aright. That ram is pretty expensive, you could get something like this:

and that psu is really overkill for your system, unless you plan on adding another 4850 at some point you could definitely go lower on that.


Jun 21, 2009
Ah, kk thx. I will try to make it public. I'm not seeing a link to add my saved to the public wish list. I'll figure it out, lol. Thx for the feedback, checking it out now.


Mar 16, 2009

It's expensive for a reason: the timings are at its limit at that clock speed (7-7-6-18). For 7-6-6-24 (which imo, should be near equal to 7-7-6-18) timings compared to G.skill's 9-9-9-24, get this for $15 more;

Will the performance booth be worth the $15? Probably not. The Mushkin is definitely not worth it, imo. But the silver (aka platinum) should be cooler looking through the case window at the very least.

And Windows 7 Release Candidate... can't you just get that online for free?

About your motherboard... do you really plan to get more than two graphic cards? If not, there are cheaper alternatives out there...

ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX $129.99
It still has 2 slots for Crossfire in case you do get a 2nd 4850.

Okay, so now it's time to do some calibration depending on your needs.

1) What is your monitor resolution?
2) What is "extreme graphics" and "hardcore gaming," or in other words, What games do you want to play, with what settings? With or Without AA/AF maxed out? (Please mention specifically what you plan to do with Crysis)
3) I don't get why people put "general net browsing/homework" on these computer requirements when they just said "extreme graphics" and "hardcore gaming" before hand. "I need a pistol that will leave nasty exit wounds on the backs of people's skulls. Oh, and I need it to shoot through that piece of paper, too." Just messing with you, btw. xD