Question Please help!!! 3600MHz memory stuck at 3000Mhz with XMP enabled ?

Hi there,

Post a screen shot of the 'Memory' tab and 'SPD' tab from CPU z. You can use an image uploader like imgur. Simply drag a picture and drop it to the field on website. Then copy the code, and past it here.

Whilst userbench is okay as a basic tool, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying what it's displaying. It's not like it's updated that regularly anyway.
Mar 28, 2021
Thanks Keith! The community in here is really cool that you guys reach out and help people with tech issues....I hope the best for you my friend! however, I was able to figure it out!

All I had to do was re-save the XMP-1 profile and restart the computer and then it started to register at 36000 MHz

Just weird because it was already displaying to begin with....anyway thanks for the post!