Please help a nooby.


Aug 24, 2011
Hey guys, i'm not 100% sure that i'm posting this in the right discussion but i need help urgently with my PC because an error message comes up on my screen with a message saying "no signal detected" (BenQ).
Before it said that message i was playing around the my 2 year old Graphics Card fixing the fan because it was making a grinding type noise.
I'm not sure if i gave it an electric shock because i didn't feel anything at the time.
I definitely know the problem has nothing to do with my moniter but some people have been saying it might be my motherboard but i don't see how that is possibe since i haven't made any contact with it.
My PC still boots up but that error message keeps occuring.
I was thinking of purchasing a cheap Nvidia GT 520 so i can sell this PC to my mate.
WIll that solve the problem?

Here are my crappy PC Specs...

Intel Dual Core 2.8GHz
Nvidia 9600 GeForce GT
2Gig RAM
an old Power Supply

Please try your best to help me!

Thank you, Matt