Question Please help, about to give up

Aug 29, 2021
So I decided to upgrade a tiny bit from my old pc. I7 4960x extreme with aoi
32gb ddr3 1600 crucial
Dell mobo not sure but can check
GTX 1070 8 gb mini
875watt non modular PSU
256 gb burst patriot SSD
1 TB wd 7200 rpm HDD
Aurora r4 case

Upgrading to
Ryzen 5 3500x was told it's Chinese no idea if that's bad.
32 gb ddr4 Corsair lpx 3600
Asus prime b450m a- New flashed to 3205 bio
Also have a gigabyte b450m ds3h I tried also flashed
Wraith prism CPU cooler
Gtx1070 8 gb mini.
850 watt gamemax RGB full modular PSU
500gb crucial m2 nvme
1tb wd HDD 7200 rpm
Musetex case with 200mm front fan 3x 120 fans. All RGB that came in the case.
Tuf gaming 32 inch curved monitor 1440 at 144hz didn't wanna have to upgrade for a bit
Crappy steel series keyboard and cheapo mouse has a dragon on it lol.

Ok so I'm pretty new to building but I didn't have any issues with my stepsons that I built right before which was all used parts but the VGA supernova 750 watt.

I put it all together and had my win10 flash drive ready. Flashed bios then opened bios up to set everything to what I thought it needed to be after researching a bit. I booted it up to install windows and it started to install as usual and got some bluescreen errors I think they were kernel power 41 errors and other kernel errors, read write errors and iqrl not found. So I looked at the bios and tried to run the ram in docp and could only get it to run at either stock speeds or 3200hz. That helped a bit. So I went back to install it again and made it farther. Made it almost to the desktop and it crashed. So I just kept trying to install it and finally made it to the desktop by trying to do the setup as fast as I could. Phew! Right? Well I started trying to install updated and drivers and kept bsod randomly. Kernel power errors, read write errors, iqrl not found and more. So I tried to install win10 free on my 1tb wd HDD and 256 gb burst patriot SSD. Had same exact issues. So then I asked my buddy a few things and he told me to check power settings so I did. I changed it from power save mode which I thought was odd to be set as that from the get go. I switched it to performance and turned off all the sleeping options and the option that said how many minutes to power off your HDD while not in use and set that to 0. The thing was running better right after that. Excited as usual I went about downloading and updating drivers for my gtx1070 and the windows updates.

I got bsods while trying to do all of that. So I tried using a driver uninstaller like someone suggested and deleted all the drivers it could find and I reinstalled them. Was running better after all this it seemed. So I decided to download steam and play a bit of apex legends see how it was running. To my things seem kinda jittery or others would say a bit delayed when doing things on the desktop. So I went and set the dcop to 3600 instead of 3200 I had it at because it seemed stable. Like I said I'm pretty new and not very knowledgeable about computer ram or timings. So booted it back up and surprisingly it was still running. So I went and tried out some Apex. No issues that I saw. Game was running good and played for an hour to hour and a half and closed the game down and walked away. I was gone maybe 3 mins and came back to it had bsod again and same errors. Kernel... Had a read write error also.
I decided to remake my flashdrive to install windows which in the end I did like 10 times.
Even used it to reinstall windows on my PC that I was upgrading from. And seemed fine. I had to do this because Dunno if this was a bad idea but my other buddy told me to slap in my SSD from my previous PC that I was moving from and see what haplened. So I did it and it booted up and was running better than ever. But come to find out my old pc is legacy and pretty sure when I did that it messed up the windows on that SSD so that's why I used the flashdrive to reinstall windows on it. I threw my gpu back in it to see if my gpu is bad and it's fine.

But back to my new build... Im not gonna lie I've spent 40+ hours researching and trying things. So I decided to download windows 1 more time. Now it's even worse. Kinda laggy and when I'm playing Apex sometimes I get a short 2 second black screen and then I have picture again and keep playing. It's happened twice. Dunno if that is important. But now when trying to play games I get d3d11 messages and can't play the game. Bit if I keep trying I eventually can. Once I'm in game it seems fine. Game seems to run better and normal fps. But once I leave the game sometimes it freezes for long period of time and finally comes out of it. Then will bsod after a random amount of time.

I'm really tired right now and apologize if I rambled or my information is not good enough but I can try to get any info you need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've kinda given up on it and it's all just sitting there at my desk... Back to playing PS4 unfortunately.
Ohhh and last time I tried the PC and was playing Apex Im pretty sure my rivatuner was saying my CPU was at 100 percent load for no reason and it went on forever and finally went back to normal type speeds. I also see the CPU under a heavier load than normal in the resource manager but then goes back down to 2 percent usage when in desktop. Or I was going insane and was seeing things.
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Aug 29, 2021
you probably bought a faulty power supply and or counterfeit cpu,cause when you go to buy something how often to people mention where its made