Question please help always orange light when i boot pc

May 19, 2022
I just got a new computer and have installed everything but when I went to boot it gave me an orange Dram Light. I used these ram sticks in another pc before this one so I know that they work, I tried removing them and putting them in different slots and using 1 at a time and still no luck. When i press te power switch everything works, fans, rgb ram, fan cpu, usb. But it wont boot. I also cant get into the bios because my motherboard don't have a bios switch.

Asus strix rog gaming f b450
rayzen 5 5600G (integrated graphics)
ram 32gb 3600mhz corsair rgb
psu: 600w be quit bronze


Is this a pc you built yourself? I imagine the motherboard needs a BIOS update to run the 5600G. The problem is, I dont think your motherboard has the BIOS Flash feature so you will need a previous generation cpu, ( a 3000 series or even a 2000 series depending what BIOS version the motherboard was shipped with.) in order to update it.