Please help and don't ignore

Well your first link doesn't work. It only shows the site so i can't see your system specs and so. The psu is reasonable good quality i think.
According to guru full load the system uses 421W so 500W should be enough theoraticly, BUT reccomended is a 650W supply to be safe. The psu won't like being stressed out to the max for longer periods of gaming.

Guru3D's power supply recommendation:
Radeon HD 6850 x1 On your average system the card requires you to have a 450 Watt power supply unit.
Radeon HD 6850 x2 A second card requires you to add another ~130 Watts. You need a 650 Watt power supply unit.

there are plenty of people who have had good quality corsair and antec PSU's blow up after less than a year of use also. It happens to every manufacturer. Dont judge a brand from one faulty product, and it may have been an environmental fault too, not a manufacturing fault. Power surge, dirty power, dusty environment, cockroach shorted it out, etc. etc.


Jul 21, 2011

Yeah, it was most likely a power surge but I don't blame ocz, I just felt upset because I live in another country and the rma process and shipping would be expensive and not worthy, I guess I had bad luck with that one.


Jul 25, 2011
Thank you all for your comments! I'm sorry i haven't gotten back to them in a timely fashion.
I think i'm going to try it. No ocing; use as little power as possible! And if it blows up i'll buy another.
Could the psu dieing kill my video cards?