PLEASE help...ASRock Extreme7 Gen3


Oct 24, 2011
Hey guys,

i7 2600k
Crucial M4 128gb ssd
ASRock Extreme7 Mobo

I'm been running into what seems like hundreds of issues getting this beast to work correctly, all having to do with the motherboard. First off, I keep getting the "A3" Dr. Debug error that so many people have complained about with this board (for some reason, they factory set the board to recognize IDE first), well, I eventually got Windows 7 to install, but of course, another issue with this board that I've seen countless posts about is that it absolutely will not recognize my GTX 580...only when the GTX580 is unplugged and the monitor is plugged into the DVI port on my onboard video will the screen even work. I have been at it for the past 6 hours trying to fix this problem and I'm getting nowhere...I'm going in circles. PLEASE help me. I really hope I've just done something dumb and I didn't just waste a buttload of money on this board.

rm - ottawa

May 7, 2011
Well I put a second GTX580 in my mobo, and in any event I am able to get display when plugging in one of the DVI's from the gpu.

However, I am still getting an A3 error and have not been able to boot yet : ( fail fail fial