Question Please help! Bent motherboard pins!

Oct 17, 2019
So a little bit of a how i got here. My friend from the US came to visit me, and he brought his old computer parts to sell to me for very cheap because he made a new build. He sold me a 1080, and a i7 6700k for an amazing steal price of $270 CAD, i could not refuse, so i bought them from him. Him being the generous man that he is, he also told me when he gets back to the US, he would mail me his old motherboard, which was an asus maximus viii formula. A very good and high quality motherboard.

When i received the motherboard in the mail, i noticed that a lot of the pins were bent! I did a bunch of research online, and i attempted to fix them, using a needle. There were over a dozen bent pins on it, and since it is a very good motherboard, i would rather try and see if i could get it working, instead of having to go out and buy a new one (I am on a budget). So i have attempted to at least fix them, to my best ability, and would like to know 2 things.

  1. Did i do a decent enough job to where i could actually test it?
  2. Could testing it with the i7 processor he gave me potentially damage it? It is a good processor, and if the risk is too high and it could be damaged, i will just go out and buy a budget motherboard and not risk ruining the chip, as as motherboard is cheaper to replace than the processor... although the motherboard he gave me costs just as much as an i7.
Here are the close up pictures i took of my sockets: View:

Any feedback or advice on what i should do would be greatly appreciated!
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