PLEASE Help! Can't control fan speeds?!


Feb 6, 2012
Hey all.

So, I recently built a pc and i've been trying to fix my "Antec Kuhler h20 920" water cooler, it cools fine but the software won't work so I have no control over the temps/fan speeds...Antec think the software won't work because the usb header cable is faulty, so i'm having a new one sent to me by Antec soon so until then i'd like to set the fan to 100%; does anyone know the best way to do this? if I take the cable out it goes to 100% but the light doesnt stay on, so is water actually cooling my CPU? the temp is at 28-30 degrees celsius doing nothing on my desktop but it's silent so I have no way to know if its actually working :(

Also, "smart fan control" off in the bios doesnt turn ANY of my fans to 100% like it should do and i'd also like to control my case fans with software like Speedfan, but no matter what I do my case fans won't go higher than 620RPM (they both have a max of 2000RPM). I've tried loads of different software and changing the settings in the BIOS.

Would really appreciate any help as its driving me mad!


The Antec 920 has three speed profiles: low, medium & high. You controll which setting by clicking on the outside of the clock like display in the upper left hand corner. The profiles are not really useful in fine control of the fans (the fans are PWM fans and have digital capability). I controll my fans by the CPU fan header and the fan controls that I have with the UEFI controls on the mobo. Using the ACTU unility (I have an ASRock mobo) the fans can be set to any of 10 settings.

If your CPU temp s 28-30 C your water pump is doitg its job as that is a good temp.