Please help choose GPU!


Oct 29, 2012
Hi guys i have a little question i want to get i7 3770k system on LOWEST POSSIBLE BUDGET! i want i7 because of video rendering that i du hardcore everyday 2 times or eaven 3 times a day 1080p at 30 m ins long video or more!

And i want to play dirt 3 at lease 800x600 in lowest setting on 45-60 fps with recording!

Please reccommend me something yes i know not balanced setup but mostly for video rendering soo and im planning upgrading video card in 1 month to like hd 7770 sapphire or gtx 660.

P.S now system with LGA 775 JUST SUCKS for rendering :p
with that resolution, which is ancient, hd4000 should be able to play at medium settings for the most part

if you want to save money, you can get a intel e3 1230v2 for 239.99 at newegg and then get a 7750 for the GPU. more performance that way as well. just that you lose overclocking

the e3 1230v2 is a i7 3770 without graphics