Please Help....does this work?

Heyas,I want to create a seperate user for my gaming,one that uses less startup entries.Minimal resource usage.I have 1 gig of ram,but have alot of other crap on my puter,virus spyware etc that I dont need when Im gaming.Ive noticed memory leaks and paging probs while running oblivion and wondering if this will work by tweaking this user account using much less resources.Appreciate any and all help thanx John PS I know alll about oblivion being a monster,so heres some more specs:athlon 3700+ radeon 1900xt 512mb thanx again


Oct 16, 2006
the AV for example will always run on the background within any profile, you can't exclude it that way by using a seperate user account because they run as services and filter drivers which alway start up before any user even logs in, they're machine startup items, not user oriented

if you have your suspicions, why don't you try disabling all your "crap" for one day and see how the game performs, then take it from there


What you need is a profile menu at boot.
Look here for more info.
I did theis before I got a cable modem. Had one profile for network and another profile for gameing that disabled all network, firewall, anti virus, etc for at home.