Please Help! Gaming Rig randomly freezes (loops sounds if anything is playing) as well as troubles with booting occasionally


Feb 25, 2015
i5 3570k
ASrock Extreme Pro 3 mobo
2x4 RipJaw RAM 1833?
7970 HD Radeon GPU
Seasonic 620W 80+ PSU
1 TB western digital HDD
128 Gig samsung SSD
Windows 7
Let me know if I missed anything but yeah I pretty much explained the problem in the title. This problem occurs pretty much anytime usually without warning. My PC will freeze for ~1 minute and then resume what I was doing. If I'm playing an kind of sound that sound will loop. Also there are times where it will take me 4 to 5 attempts to boot my PC.
Heat is not an issue I've tested that numerous times. I've tried each of my RAM sticks individually so unless it's both of them there they are not the issue. My roommate has the same GPU as me and we tested his on my PC still the same issue. I've updated all drivers (reinstalled as well) and I've run ccleaner.
The only thing I haven't tested is my PSU and MoBO. My question is which one should I expect it to be if any of you believe it is something else I'm open to all suggestions I just want to get my rig to run well again. One more thing is occasionally when this happens a box will appear in the bottom right of screen saying something along the lines of "Graphics driver failed just recovered" which I essentially take as my GPU failing but it could be that it's not getting enough power.
Thanks you for your input ahead of time!
Usually that happens because
1. your system is lack of power.
2. driver or software conflict.
3. bad OS (hard) drive
4. bad memory stick

Try to run your system with a live can download hiren boot cd ( or any linux live disk.
and try to stress your system with it.
like prime95 and memtest.

if it's run flawlessly, then yes, you have a bad OS drive and/or software issue (not only driver, but application can cause conflict too) and or bad memory stick.
for make it sure, try to test your memory full with memtest..and see the result.

but if it's not, well, then you have a bad motherboard, and/or bad PSU..

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