Please help (Have problems with CPU Frequency-Multiplier stability)...



Hello everyone. I am new to overclocking and would need someone's opinion and help with my problem. Please reply.
It seems to me that my CPU multiplier isn't stable at my Q6600 (Intel Quad Core). CPU-Z identifies a different multiplier( usually when CPU is fully loaded, it identifies it as should)(when it's at Idle the multiplier drops and all computer specs drop dramatically).

I have my CPU overclocked to 3.0ghz (original 2.4ghz), doesn't seem to be a hard clock speed to gain, with

CPU multiplier -x9.
Host clock Frequency -333.
CPU Voltage -1.325v (Default).
FSB -1.3v (Intel DX38BT board).
MCH Voltage -1.45v.

I also Have DDR3 Corsair RAM-1333mhz
-Didn't have to overclock it, but changed settings from AUTO to manual, to adjust it's frequency( had some problems running it on auto, so I just set it to a
manufacturer default manually)

-Memory Frequency -1333mhz
-Reference -333
-Voltage -1.7v

I do have a great cooling to my system and ran stability test for 8hrs with no change.
-IDLE- ------ --- --- FULL-LOAD
core#0 -35 -------- core#0 -49
core#1 -30 -------- core#1 -45
core#2 -27 -------- core#2 -42
core#3 -27 -------- core#3 -40

THE Problem: My Multiplier is changing from x9 with Frequency at 333(3ghz) to x6 with same 333 frequency (2ghz)
It happens at all time- I run a lot of small programs and utilities to confirm this and it's been proved that Voltage stays the same at all times 1.325
and my TEMPs are the same.....but The whole computer's specs are down(when I'm at idle)

PLEASE help, comment ,etc...


I also found out that my old DELL -laptop has a same thing going on with it.
The multiplier drops from x15 to x6

I guess That it drops from MAX to minimum...
Is it fine at all...or am I paranoid


It could be a wrong multiplier, but I have searched a lot for the best one... and this setting looks like the best...I Have tried with a lot of settings starting from x6 to x9.....This is the best and most stable result I got....
However The FREQUENCY looks odd to me *(and as I said before my laptop has x15 multiplier dumps to x6...during CPU-Z analysis),...
Have no Idea what to do....
doesn't look any bad....but I don't want to screw it up and try to get best performance and best stability at my *first OC* .....

Specs at my first post would explain my settings....


One question-....-
Is there a way to adjust Speed Step ?
I mean to manually set when settings should kick in...?


Nov 10, 2001
Speedstep automatically kicks in when your CPU is idle, thus saving you energy. After all, you don't need all that processing power when you use the restroom for example, do you? But, you can disable it in BIOS if you really don't want it.



Mar 29, 2006
it's called speedstep and it's a function built into the q6600 that when the cpu sits idle it slows down on it's own, and your laptop has the same thing. As a matter of fact it started with the pentium m chips.