Please Help - Hourly executable Pop-up ruining new build and I can't figure it out


May 28, 2017
Having an issue with a new computer build. The problem can be seen on this unlisted video on my youtube (0:07 -, and occurs at the same time every hour.

The computer as a fresh install doesn't do it, but i can't seem to discern when this problem occurs. I have very few things installed, but here is a list of everything in order:

Windows 10 Pro (Plus auto detected drivers, including amd drivers for gpu)
Windows 10 Updates
Private Internet Access (VPN)
Gigabyte Drivers - Only the Realtek Audio and Realtek LAN drivers
Gigabyte Services - Includes APP Center/EasyTune/V-Tuner/System Information Viewer/ON-OFF Charge 2.0

Office 2016
java - 32bit
Malware Bytes 3
Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 (for recording the video)

Things I have tried:
-Reinstalling windows (followed the same application install path and it returned occurring at a different time every hour)
-Task Scheduler: Its clean of anything happening during that time frame
-Autoruns: Nothing looked too suspicious except for some stuff under the drivers tab, WinMad, WinVerbs and ibbus from a publisher called Mellanox all have timestamps ending in the 46th minute of the hour. However I'm assuming its coincidence more than anything as the time stamps are dated way back in 2016.
-windows defender (Microsoft security essentials) Full Scan: Found No threats
-Malware Bytes 3 Threat Scan and Memory Scan: No Threats

Any help would be appreciated, as this hourly popup is driving me crazy, and shoots me back to desktop whenever in full screen activities.


How many times has it happened? I saw the same thing a few days ago and so have several others since I mentioned it. For me, it happened 3 times in one afternoon and I only noticed what it was doing on the last flash.

I ran adwcleaner & a Bitdefender scan, found some adware but I suspect it was just ads
looked in both scheduled tasks and event viewer, checked the Windows store and Windows update, found nothing in any of them
updated my Nvidia drivers and restarted PC 3 times., It hasn't happened since so not sure if any of the scans helped or it just stopped happening.

The only thing that was consistent with everyone who reported it was they were using a browser. It doesn't have to be Chrome


May 28, 2017

In total, over 2 days so far Ive purposely checked and waited for it a out 6 times, twice on a fresh install where it never happened, and the rest during my first install with all the software where it happened every hour I checked (and a whole bunch of other times it caught me off guard), and also a few times after installing everything on this second windows installation.

Like I said I had malware bytes, and I'm pretty confident in it that of there was anything it would've been picked up by that or windows defender Microsoft security essentials.

It ran clean on all scans. The only thing I can think at the moment it's either a driver package attempting to install every hour but not being successful, or some background task (either within Windows or from something I've installed) attempting something hourly.

What truly baffles me though is that I don't have a problem with this on any other machine I've got. My laptop which is basically the same doesn't have the issue, and a htpc which was built by me and is the same excluding the productivity apps I've got installed. My gaming pc is still on win 8.1,so i can't comment on that, but I've never seen this problem from any build I've done, xp to win 10.

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