[SOLVED] Please help!! i7 2600 on an optiplex 390

Feb 4, 2022
Hello good Morning.

I want someone to clear my doubts, I have an Optiplex 390 with socket 1155, my question is if I can put an intel core i7 2600, I currently have an i5 2400, I want to update this component, but I saw people say that it could not be done, other people say yes It is possible but first I have to update the BIOS to the most recent.

My question is if I update the BIOS to the latest version, which would be the A14 of my board, can I put the i7 2600 on it or not?


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Which form factor of the OptiPlex 390 do you have? If you look at the spec sheet for the prebuilt, here, you'll see that the chipset for the motherboard is an H61 and is the GA1155 socket which means it's still a compatible scenario(in your eyes and ours) to drop in an i7-2600, however if Dell had decided to implement a lock in the BIOS to prevent the board from powering up with an i7 in the board(or one that's not whitelisted in the BIOS) then you're out of luck. If you have a space processor, you can try it out but I'd avoid trying to upgrade a platform that in 2022 is not capable of being a gaming machine, not with all the ;lack of optimizations when on Windows 10 and later.

If you've come across this thread, then you're right to be concerned but like most people in touch with reality, if you had disposable income you wouldn't be dusting off a decade(or more)old machine, now would you? Might want to read through this thread on Dell's support site. This thread is for further reading.

Lastly, updating your BIOS to the latest version regardless of a CPU, ram or storage, even OS upgrade is always a healthy practice to hold onto.
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Should work as screenshots provided here appear to prove support for Xeon 1270 (i7 2600 without igpu) on that motherboard with A14 bios. But it is still a chance you take.


Another issue could be the current heatsink and fan not adequate for a higher power processor and you'll need to look at replacement options to fit inside case.
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