Jun 12, 2021
Hey everyone!

First of all, I don't know much about computers, so if I said something wrong or explained it unclearly, please let me know!

Recently I bought the new ASUS ROG Strix G15 with Ryzen 7 (5000 series) and the Nvidia Gefore RTX 3060 GPU. In the beginning there were some problems with shutting the laptop down, since it would start automatically and launch itself into the BIOS. That issue has now been resolved, but after many other updates, there are still issues with switching between the iGPU and discrete GPU. Whenever I boot the laptop it says "iGPU mode does not support output from an external display". It then switches to the discrete GPU and I don't really like this considering the battery consumption. In addition, Armory Crate states that it uses 0% of the GPU, but the frequency is always on the level just before the "ROG Boost O.C." kicks in, instead of running on the base frequency... which is something that I think should only happen with graphics intensive tasks and not while typing in Word or Chrome.

To me this seemed to be the caused by the HDMI port, because if I'm correct that port is connected to the discrete GPU and not to the iGPU. Since I don't have an USB-C/thunderbolt monitor, I can't help but use the HDMI. What I was able to do is disconnect and reconnect the HDMI. This often works and then I am able to use the iGPU (power saving) mode, while being connected to the monitor... just like right now while I am typing this. These two things thus contradict each other. However, disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't always work and sometimes it switches back to the discrete GPU - even when I'm just using Word or Chome, for example.
On top of trying to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI, I also tried to update everything (Windows, Nvidia, Asus Armory Crate etc.), restarting my laptop several times, switch between different modes (Silent, Performance, Turbo), switch between different Armory Crate iGPU modes (on/off/auto) and switching between GPU modes trough the Nvidia Control Panel (iGPU, GPU and automatic).

The problem itself is not present when I am using only my laptop screen without a monitor. So on the go, it shouldn't cause any (battery) problems when going to university. But at home, I still would like it to work properly without having to be plugged in all day long.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!