Please help me choose a better processor


Jan 15, 2012

I have a Gateway GM5446e PC. I have 4 gigs o' ram and a geforce GTS450. It has an intel dual core 1.8 processor. I'm using Windows Vista 32bit. I believe i has a Intel 945G chipset.

Here's my question. I'm a gamer who has 5 kids and a wife, so naturally I'm poor and cannot afford to buy a new pc that will run the newer games. I guess my only choice is to upgrade the processor.

Can someone please tell me what the best processor I can get for it is?

I can't spend tons of money but I'd like to know what I can put in there. I would really like to play BF3 or one of the newer call of duty games.

Please help, and thank you in advance.


That's a good question. Literally. You won't get any upgrade advice from gateway; at least hp or compaq may give you some options. If you had to upgrade, I would try the q6600 used. There is one listed on craigslist in austin tx for only $60, but I don't know if the owner will ship it and my link isn't working.