Please help me choose a good gaming mouse.


Hey guys wasn't sure where to post this in the right section.

I'm having trouble with mice for gaming , I have made some bad purcahses and would like to hear your opinions on what you have found to be a good gaming mouse.

My current mouse is a Saitek RAT 7, looks good, but is a real pain to use. Its inaccurate, unsteady, feels over sensitive and is damn hard to use in first person shooters, aiming is terrible therefore I'm not getting good kills , instead Im over compensating and get wasted a lot.

Even when using this mouse on the desktop its an effort to get my pointer centered on links and buttons on pages, its a constant battle with this mouse.

Do you have any suggestions of a really good mouse , that is accurate and steady?

One that isnt over sensitive and holds aim well, that also is easy to move and easy to aim or point at objects?

I'm not very impressed with this mouse, my mouse before that was a Razor Copperhead , it was better than this one but it was hard to get used to.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
I have the Logitech G500. Has DPI adjustments just out of the way but accessible on the top front of the mouse. I use this frequently in shooters... low DPI for precision and high DPI to speed up the turret/side gun aim. Has 3 extra programmable buttons I use for knife attack, grenade, switch to secondary weapon. Comes with weights you can add to the bottom to adjust the balance of the mouse movement.

It has the right amount of functionality for the shooters. Looks a little ugly on top with the crackly metallic sheen, but it gives it character.


May 10, 2012
Here is a third vote for the Logitech G9X, i have one and my buddy has one. There are weights that allow you to adjust the weight of the mouse and sensitivity adjustments. only beef i have is the scroll wheel is too smooth meaning it moves so easily sometimes it zooms when I don't want it to zoom, but you can always reprogram the button. 5700 dpi, and don't go cheap on a mousepad, it can be tough to spend $40 plus on a mousepad but its amazing the difference a quality mouse pad makes.


Thanks guys for your suggestions , I get the feeling it could be because I'm not using a mousepad.
Do they really make a difference?
Which mousepad would you recommend?
I think I might go with a mousepad first, this mouse has some great features and has 6400dpi.
My problem could actually be my desk the whole time. Im just hopeless when it comes to keyboards and mice.
I Picked up a Nova Raider gaming mousepad. It was the highest rated I could find that didn't cost over $20. Has worked extremely well for me. I've had it a little over a year and there are no real signs of wear.

Also, try cranking the sensitivity way down for the shooters. It gets rid of that overly sensitive jerky feeling. I normally run at 400dpi when on foot and crank it up to 1800dpi when on a vehicle gun. I have a never found a practical use for higher dpi in a shooter.