Please Help Me Choose A Soundcard (First Time Buyer)


Sep 24, 2009

Ive never bought a soundcard before and im not even sure if I need one or will get much better sound thats y I need your help.

My Motherboard is :Asrock 4core1333-Fullhd.

It already comes with:

- 7.1 CH Windows® Vista™ Premium Level HD Audio (ALC888 Audio Codec)
- Chipset embedded HDMI Audio

and the speakers I am using are:

Logitech X-540 Multimedia Speaker System (5.1)

The slots on my motherboard are:

- 1 x PCI Express x16 slot
- 1 x PCI Express x1 slot
- 2 x PCI slots
- 1 x HDMR slot

I live in the UK and my budget is around £50 so If you think Buying one would benefit me any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

Fixed ;)

OP, give your onboard codec a try first.
Many people consider them 'good enough' for every day ussage.

If you decide the sound is to muddy for your taste, I would recommend looking into an Asus Xonar D1 (PCI) or Xonar DX (PCIe).
Both have top notch sound quality and very nice feature packages.

I see you are useinf the drivers that windows installs for you they dont give you the full options available for that sound device.

Go here

Download the latest driver and install it. The website is kind of slow so bare with it but once installed it will open up some more options for you. You will be able to adjust the speaker levels and EQs and a few other options that the microsoft driver doesn't have.