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Please help me choose between these 2 Video cards, for experts!


Aug 28, 2017
Hi everyone:
Im about to buy a new Video card but I can't decide between these two:
Both are 750ti DDR5, similar price or irrelevant.

1) 128bit / 2GB / 1072Mhz Core / 1350Mhz Ram / G.Pix 17.2 / G.Tex 42.9 / BW 86.4 GB/s. ASUS or EVGA models.

2) 192 bit / 1GB / 900Mhz Core / 1025Mhz Ram / G.Pix 21.6 / G.Tex 10.8 / BW 98.5 GB/s. GENERIC aka Chinesse.

I'll be playing in FULL HD, mostly DOTA 2.
PC Specs: i5-3rd Gen / MB B75 / 8GB 1600 Single / 500GB 7200RPM/ PS 500W.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Many thx in advance.
Card 1, if the price is the same then why would you go for the 1gb vram card? That would only make sense if it was much faster than the 2gb card, which in this case it's not. That's not even counting the fact that it's obviously not a 'real' 750 Ti.

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