Please help me decide between these 2 cases


Jun 15, 2011
Hi there guys. I'm thinking about upgrade my current case (thermaltake v4) to a full tower; actually I don't really need to since I only plan to add another gtx 680 for sli but the temperatures right now are very good, is more a fashion wish. Anyway I've been thinking between the thermaltake element V nvidia edition or the rosewill thor 2 white, I've read the Tom's review on both but I've some doubts.

1. I know that the original element V has a lot of problems more like quality issues, but I wonder if the nvidia edition has overpass them
2. I'm not sure which one gives a better performance (cooling + low noise)

Please take into account that in my country these 2 are priced exactly the same (for soem strange reason the nvidia edition is around 240US and the thor 2 around 300us)

Thank you!