Please help me decide which graphics card


Jul 28, 2009
they have to be agp with no pcie connectors but molex is ok and will they eat up a fx 5200

here they are
3650 agp
4670 agp
4650 agp
3670 agp
7600gt agp
not allowed 3850 sorry

if there are any other agp cards that are good please tell me

my old system that i want to upgrade

p4 2.00ghz (upgrading to 3.00ghz
1gb ddr ram( upgrading to 2gb
80gb hard drive

please help me thanks

+1 for the 4670 AGP.
It is the best of the limited bunch.

IMO it will be totaly wasted on his rig even after the upgrades.
Unless he is getting the RAM and CPU for free, tell him to save his cash for a real upgrade.
For under $200 he can upgrade his Motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU for a much more capiable system.
As you are probably going to spend around $100 on the AGP GPU alone....



absolutely agree, although you didn't factor in the psu...

kizza, bottom line is you will pay (a lot) more for less performance if you stick with agp.