Please help Me decide!


Aug 2, 2007
I am running short on time and need advice.

I need to build a new system and have been an avid AMD fan for to long to remember.
But from the little I have been able to read intel SEEMS better.

I would like some opinions please from those of you who have expierence with both as to what choice to make.
If I stay with AMD I am debating between:

K9 Diamond K9 Sli Platunum Mother Board
N-force 590 N-force 570 Chipset
Athlon 64x2 Athlon 64x3 Processor
3 ghz 3 ghz Spd
2x1mb 2x1mb L2 Cache
1000 1000 FSB

And in the Intel I am debating between:

P6 SLI P6 SLI Platinum P35 Platinum P 35 Neo2-fr Mother Board
N-force 650I N-force 650I P35 P35 Chipset
core 2 duo core 2 duo core 2 duo core 2 duo Processor
3 ghz 3 ghz 3 ghz 3 ghz Spd
2x2mb 2x2mb 2x2mb 2x2mb L2 Cache
1333 1333 1333 1333 FSB

thanks in advance for your suggestions!
OK, give us some details.

1. How much are you willing to spend (not including monitor or speakers)
2. What will you do with the PC?
3. If it's for games, what are your favourite 3 games?
4. What screen resolution are you going to use?
5. Do you live in the US? (If not, newegg links won't help much)
6. When do you plan to upgrade or replace this PC? 2 years? 5 years?
Hmmm, someone stumbled out of the wrong side of the cave this morning...
@OP, what will you be doing with this system? What is your budget? Can you use US suppliers like Newegg, or are you in the UK?

AMD will likely be cheaper, but Intel will perform better for not too much more.


Aug 2, 2007
I was not asking for a recomendation based on $ use, etc..
I posted specific combinations and am looking for head to head comparison.
If you are not going to let us know how you will use the system, how do you expect to get an unbiased answer? Without any specifics, you won't get any specifics.
Having said that, the Core 2 duo's will outperform AMD's offerings head to head across 90% of the benchmarks.