Please help me out guys



I apologize if this is in the wrong category guys, I really need some help. My problem started about
a month ago when my 3870x2 started a grinding noise, my pc would also start for a few seconds, power down and then
come back on again. Dreading the evenable death of my little card ,i continued in hope that i could buy a new card before
it happend. So about 3 weeks ago i went to switch my pc on , double boot as usual .. ok . no signal on my monitor which was accompained
by a wierd sound from my gpu. So i thought to my self ok time to get a new card.

due to me losing my job and finding that my dog had kidney disease(vet bills $$$)It took me about 3 weeks to scrap together 13 pound
and grab myself a radeon x600, only to switch it with my 3870x2 and find that it's not my gpu.

So as it stand guys im broke and worse off, could someone please give me any info on what it could be.If i could get it up and going
again it would be amazing guys it could really help me get back on my feet.Thank you in advance for any answers. steve


Sounds like your PSU is the problem, that sound could be coming from it. Turn the pc on and if you hear it again , put your ear closer to the PSU and see if its that. If it is it shouldnt cost much to replace it and you can keep one of your gprahics cards and sell the other.