Question Please help me! Problems (probably) with PSU and fans

Apr 4, 2019
Hey guys, something i need to have help about immediately.. so actually I think I messed up my grandpa's pc.. so actually I opened up his case, and looked up on there. I am listing whatever I did here. So I opened the case. It was an old pc, so it was dusty as hell (the pc always works fine tho). So he said me to clean all his pc components (monitor, mouse, keyboard and case itself) because they were also dusty.

And also inside the case was also dusty as i said and he gave me a cotton cloth with fibres coming out at the edges. I cleaned the fans with it as they were very dusty. And I saw that out of the 2 cables for the optical drive, one was left connected in the drive so I unplugged it. I asked my grandpa too and he said it is out of order so I removed the one connected cable too.

Then actually he has a dell vga monitor so yeah, the power cable for both the monitor and the cpu were the same. I accidentally interchanged the wrong cables for the monitor and cpu. And i booted the computer, and it was actually booting but it took like 5 seconds longer than usual to show the bios screen in the monitor. But the bios posted and actually after the bios posted, after the verification screen that shows you ur pc info, I again booted into the Bios. So then again the verification screen came up so i was thinking like it was a weird coincidence. So actually this time it booted to Windows start-up logo.

So now the boot took very long time (I waited for 10min). So I force powered off the pc. Then I again turned it on and the same dual bios post and Windows logo loading stuck happened. Then I actually thought this is something serious. So I saw and realised that I interchanged those power cables. So then I changed the cables. Then actually the bios screen showed up instantly as it usually did. And also the dual post didn't happen.

Then I booted to Windows start-up. (I have Windows 10) but the same error that like stuck looping in that spinning wheel animation. And I forgot to mention that before when the cables were interchanged like when having the wrong cables connected, the fan (not sure what fan, I can hear the fan sound tho) was sounding like usual starting to spin sound but after a second or two, it stops suddenly (it sounded like the same fan sound when the pc shuts down).

Also after I put the right cables, the fan sound became a bit higher. Then as I said the same spinning wheel error.. . I connected the optical drive single cable as it was as it was and tried seeing a cable that was like a square near the cpu and tightened it (I pressed it and heard a small click sound) and check if there were any cotton fibres in the fans I cleaned. There were none I could see. After I did it and turned on the pc... uh.. I heard the psu fan whining like a hella sound and also the case was vibrating a lot... So then it actually still did boot as usual.. . But still stuck in the spinning wheel animation... so please help me what can I do to fix it what have I done wrong?

Pc specs:
  • Core 2 Duo E4400 (2.00ghz)
  • 2 gig ddr2
  • 250watt hipro oem Psu made for hp
  • 256mb 82945g family chipset gfx
The prebuilt oem-pc is from hp and it is the pavilion a6130in GF991AA#GCJ

pls help me asap... I'm feared af.. .
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