Please Help Me Upgrade


Feb 21, 2009
what resolution does your monitor support? From those specs I'd say stick with a 4670 or less and you may not need to upgrade your power supply. What is the current PSU in there, doesn't seem to show it on the specs page.
^+1 for the HD 4670...
You might not even want a new powersupply as the HD 4670 doesnt require a separate power connector...And this card is more than suffice for playing the games that you have specified...

But if you want to play the current games, then spending more than HD4850 wont be any useful as any thing more powerful, might be bottlenecked by the CPU...

And you would have to change your PSU, inorder to use the 4850...For the PSU, even a Antec EA 380W is more than suffice for your config with the HD 4850...
But better off buying a 80+ certified 500W PSU with 2 6Pin connectors as you can also add more powerful cards later...


Jul 20, 2009
Thanks for quick response! Anyway, my monitor is a 22" westinghouse with 1680x1050, PSU is 300 watts.
My budget for the upgrade is around $100.