Question Please help me with my dual PC streaming setup


Dec 8, 2015
Okay so I set up my two computers and from what I experienced the last 3 days, it seems like that was the easy part. My main concern are not necessarily the computer itself:

1) I'm trying to setup my elgato 4k60S+ however I also have an hdmi switch I'm trying incorporate with it because aside from the gaming pc I have an Xbox and also a switch that I would like to stream off of as well through my gaming pc monitor. How do I organize these hdmi cords with the elgato and hdmi splitter for it to work?

2) I got the shure SM7B (XLR mic) and while it's showing that it's plugged on my streaming pc, but I have no idea how to get this mic to actually work where it records. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for whatever help you got for me guys, have a blessed one


HDMI splitter? That shouldn't be in use, if I recall correctly. Mind sharing a link to the splitter? You should connect each device to the capture card when it's going to be in use. Outside of that they should be disconnected. How is the mic connected to the capture card? Cable used for pairing the mic to the card?