Please help me with my first PC build (mainly with cooling)

Nov 27, 2018
Case: Fractal Design Define Mini C
Power: Seasonic Focus Plus 850 Gold
CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K
RAM: HyperX 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 Predator
GPU: GTX 1080ti open-air
SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

Hello, I would like to build my first PC and I have a few questions regarding the cooling.
I was thinking something like:
Noctua NH-U12S + another NF F12 in push-pull for the CPU
2x Noctua NF-A14 front intake
1x Noctua NF-F12 rear exhaust

Would this be enough to maintain reasonable CPU temps with the default (non-OC) 9700k max frequency 4.6GHz on all cores even with an open-air 1080ti running in the case?
If not:
- would opening the top of the case and possibly adding another exhaust fan on the top-back of the case help?
- should I go with the bigger Meshify C? (I don't want windowed case, and Meshify Mini C is only available in the windowed version)
- should I stay with the Define Mini C and buy a blower 1080ti?

I would use the PC for gaming and from time to time for CPU intensive tasks like assembly AVX acceleration and GPU intensive tasks like training neural networks.
I am planning to OC in lets say two years. By then I would have installed more powerful CPU cooler.
Thank you for any help. If you have other advice regarding the build, please let me know. :)

- Preferably I would wait for the new 2018 NH-U12 version with 2x NF-A12 and also use the new NF-A12 as exhaust, but I am not sure if I am patient enough. :D Is it worth waiting for?
- I would prefer the Define Mini C, but if it is insufficient for the cooling and Meshify C is not, I am happy to sacrifice it's looks and lower noise levels for the superior air flow of the Meshify.
Should be plenty of cooling just move the 120mm front fan to the top back blowing out and add these to the front blowing in. I would not buy a reference model blower card.
You need a bit of positive pressure for the fans.

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CPU Cooler: CRYORIG - H5 Ultimate 76 CFM CPU Cooler ($75.88 @ OutletPC)
Case Fan: Fractal Design - X2 GP-14 (Black) 68.4 CFM 140mm Fan ($13.89 @ OutletPC)
Case Fan: Fractal Design - X2 GP-14 (Black) 68.4 CFM 140mm Fan ($13.89 @ OutletPC)
Total: $103.66
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Nov 27, 2018

Hello and thank you for your time! No, I haven't bought anything yet, what are your thoughts? I am a complete novice in PC building, so I welcome every advice. :)

My budget is ~1500 EUR (~1700 USD) for the PC. (excluding GPU and any peripherals)
I will add the GPU later, as it is sold out at the moment. And it is quite likely it will stay that way. :/
Eventually, I might end up buying new RTX 2080 or second hand GTX 1080ti (not sure if that would be a good idea).

Nov 27, 2018

Hello, thank you for helping me out! What is the problem with the Noctuas if I may ask? From what I've read they are supposed to be of high quality and also very quiet, I would be willing the pay the extra price for that. :)

Other than that, Cryorig is not available in my country for some reason. What would you suggest instead of it, would Noctua NH-U14S be enough for the 9700K non-OC? (or the NH-U12S with the added fan) Or should I look for something else?

By the way, do I understand correctly that two 140 mm fans (front) as intake and two 120 mm fans (back-top and top-back) as exhaust are the best way to go?
And lastly, do you think getting the ATX case would be beneficial for airflow? I don't really care about the added ~5 cm height and it seems to me, that the airflow might be better because the lower front intake fan could be placed lower relative to the GPU, therefore supplying more fresh air under the GPU instead of above it.

The FD fans are very good and quiet. Also look much better.

I would consider these coolers since the Cryorig is not sold their.,ffKhP6,F3gzK8/

For airflow it is what it is a bigger case dont always mean better flow.