[SOLVED] Please Help me! With My Hardware Reserved Memory

Nov 16, 2021
Hi! I would like to ask you if you have any way to remove or reduce the Hardware Reserved Memory, Anyone who could help me, please help I'm getting depressed here, I have 4gb ram with only 1.49gb usable while Hardware Reserved Memory took 2.51gb, I search everything such as Uncheck Maximum Memory, Change the Virtual Memory, Swapping the Ram, Updating My Bios, But none of them working, I try to format and re-install windows 7 in thought that it might fixed due to this all my files and games just gone that's why I feel depressed I just woken up crying, I spend a lot of money in currency to just build my dream pc but all of it turn to waste cause I can't use due to this Hardware Reserved Memory eating all my Ram, I even Bought a new processor but it didn't change anything.....

PC Information
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 Rev3.0, FM1, 2x DIMM Slot
Processor: AMD A4-3400 APU
Memory: DDR3 13333Mhz 2GBx2
Storage: 320GB HDD
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate

Note: I did try contacting Microsoft but they say that I need to contact the Manufacturer..

If you know anything please help!
Thank you!