Jul 2, 2009
hi there my system is

mobo asus p5q3 deluxe
ram asus ddr3 1333 2x1 giga (comes with the mobo)
gpu asus gtx 275
sound card sound blaster x-fi
cpu intel core quad q9650
hard drive 400 giga(dont know what brand)
lg dvd
psu corsair hx520w

I am running windows xp32 bit and my system is fresh formated
I am getting blue screens of death when i am just in windows
and when i am playing games or in games it just get me out at desktop
generaly the system is unstable. I put my old asus 8800 gtx and all is great
i know that the the problem is with the gtx275 but i dont know what.
can anybody help me. I forgot to mention that the blue screens its not always the same i believe that is my psu but i am not sure and i dont want to spend money for nothing please help



Apr 8, 2009
well.. the minimum power requirement of the card is 550w. Companies generally up the real number by like 100w because not everyone has a good psu from a good company like the corsair you have. I mean, it could be that the powersupply is too weak but there isn't a way i can really isolate the problem for you there. Your psu maybe just a little to weak.