Please Help; MOBO: Reliability on Boards: Not mentioned in Reviews

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Oct 13, 2011
Dear Sir/Ma'am:

Hey guys. Thanks for your time. I am hoping you can help me answer a question about MOBO reliability, which dont seem to be addressed in Tom's reviews. I am building a new computer with an i5 2500k processor, but my MOBO has now come into question. There seems to be a huge issue with the entire 1155 p67 and z68 mobos. I currently run a 775 and havent had single issue in 6 years with it. No matter the make or model for z68 and p67 (high end or low end), i just keep running across huge problems with BIOS, boots, etc on every single board. There are numerous forums all over the place, and I cant for the life of me find a mobo that just seems solidly reliably in this platform.

It seems that this fellow under the 1 star feedback sums it up best. He quotes all -67 and z68 mobos have been more problematic than any other platform and from my research, I'm certainly finding this true.

I did read the following tom's review (z68 and p67). These reviews are great, but do not seem to mention these problems with the reliability of the p67 and z68 boards. Thats what I am really searching for, a sturdy reliable board that wont cause me any problems, and I can overclock if desired.,2939.html,2924.html

1) I was originally going to go with the ASUS p8p67 deluxe, but i've read alot of forums and complaints One example would be newegg reviews, in which 16% have it at 1 star. Another would be the asus forums with a huge thread on BIOS and boot errors (I understand no single forum or review is all comprehensive, and I have gathered composite info on boards)

As I seek reliability over overclocking capability, some of the recommended buy Boards look sketchy from the problems/bugs and reliability.

So what is the most reliable MOBO in the $150-$250 range. Z68, p67?

Asrock p67 extreme6? EVGA boards?Intel Boards? Does anyone have any other reviews or reliability websites I can look at?

OR is it simple this entire platform is just causing HAVOC for a large percentage of users (15-30%)? SHould I just switch to another mobo socket like 1156 or so.